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Relationship / Couples Therapy

I find that most couples benefit greatly from exploring the dynamics of their relationship, and from learning new and effective ways of communicating. Couples counselling is a very focused, practical form of therapy. It is a safe place where difficult issues, and underlying emotions can be gentle explored. There are many tools which help to heal and rebuild the essential connection in the relationship.


Investing this time in your relationship, can reap great rewards. It is always worthwhile to take time out, to reflect on your life, and it can benefit your own personal development, as well as your relationship.


If couples have decided to separate, counselling can help manage the separation. It is important to look at the issues that brought you to this place, to work towards a healthy closure, and make way for change and progression.


I also run workshops for couples, and for training counsellors in an integrative approach to couples therapy.







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